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joby's heart lives on

The Joby Flores “33 Lead” Foundation was founded by Joe Flores to continue the legacy of Joby Flores by helping and contributing to the success of high school coaches and athletes.  The Foundation kicked off with a golf event that raised over 20,000 of local supporters in the West Texas Region.  The goal of the foundation is to support high school athletes and coaches with funds that they may need in the form of donations and scholarships.  Currently the Foundation is in the early stages of creating fund raising events to further help and promote high school athletes and coaches.  The website www.33lead.org will be used to highlight inspiring sports stories of high school athletes and coaches. 

Life is about relationships.  One of the goals of this foundation is to cultivate the relationship between the public, student athletes, and coaches.

Remembering Joby

The easiest way to describe Joby Flores to people who didn’t know him is UNIQUE!!!!  Truly a one of a kind gem in West Texas.  He is remembered for many things; a coach, a son, a father, a husband, but more importantly an inspiration for his community by simply being passionate and energetic about his one true love of Sports!!!  Joby believed if everybody would just concentrate and be involved with sports, everybody would always be happy and a good person………….  This rings true more and more in todays society.   He was everyone’s biggest fan in the sports world, he would never cease to stop complimenting athletes and coaches as much as he could and always believed in the good of everybody he met.  Joby believed there was nothing more honorable than being a coach and nothing more special than high school athletics.  

When I was a teenager, the neighborhood bully decided it was time to pick on Joby, my older brother. He knew it would not be easy since Joby was bigger and possibly stronger. He waited for Joby to get on one knee tying his shoe. While Joby was tying his shoe he kicked him right on the left eye. He was such a bully and had a reputation of being a good fighter that he thought little brother Angel would just stand by and do nothing. Something cam over me and I pushed this bully from the back almost knocking him down. He turned around and was surprised at who it was that did that to him. He was already 18 yrs old and I was 16. Joby was still on the floor reeling in pain and was still unaware of what had happened to him and was happening. The bully smiled as he came at me. We wrestled for a bit and then he pinned me against a car. He lifted mer on the trunk of the car and had both my hand wrapped around his left arm. He raised his right arm and threw a punch at my face. All I could do was roll with the punch. I was expecting a vicious hard hit as he had his reputation of hitting hard and not losing fights. As I rolled with the pun ch and got hit, something happened… It didn’t hurt. Not at all! Right there and then I knew his reputation was over inflated and he was mine for the taking. I managed to get my balance and pushed him away from me, and then started swinging. He never got the opportunity to hit me back. Witnesses claimed that every punch I threw hit him on the chin and face. I felt someone grabbing me from my t shirt collar… It was my Mom and she had my youngest brother Mando in one of her arms. I stopped swinging and by that time Joby was also pulling me back. The bully was bleeding and some of the neighborhood guys were holding him up cause he was wobbly. All this happened in out front yard. Neighbors came out, police were called but no charges were filed. The bully apologized to my brother Joby several days later and they shook hands. I, on the other hand would not accept his apology and never shook his hand. Joby was always a bigger man than I was when it came to forgiveness. I posted this story because every once in a while I regret not forgiving him and never accepting his apology. I was wrong not to do that. The Coronavirus has put some things in perspective. We are not guaranteed tomorrow. The bible says that we must forgive those that sin against us. Don’t let something stupid like pride get in the way of forgiveness. Forgive those people you haven’t talked to for years simply because of your foolish pride. Be the 1st to communicate with those people even if it wasn’t your fault. If they won’t accept you at least you tried. 

- Angel Flores

Such a beautiful celebration of life for Joby Flores it was an honor to be a part of his home going! I’m not gonna lie, I felt like I had attended a Loboes play off game and we won and Joby made MVP! Even in Joby’s death he brought together some of the greatest faces of Monahans and all over West Texas! The Pena family will continue to lift you all up in prayer! He was a great man and will be missed dearly.


- Stephanie Pena

Board Members

Joe Flores - President

Armando Flores - Vice President

Lana Flores - Treasurer

Brenda Bustamante - Secretary

Steven Flores - Director

Carol Hererra - Director

Jason Little - Director

Sal Sanchez - Director

Todd Iglehart- Director




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